National Cancer Registry Ireland


The National Cancer Registry Ireland was established in 1991 to collect information on all cancers occurring in the population usually resident in Ireland. Registration commenced nationwide in 1994.  

The functions of the National Cancer Registry are to:

  • identify, collect, classify, record, store and analyse information relating to the incidence and prevalence of cancer and related tumours in Ireland;
  • collect, classify, record and store information in relation to each newly diagnosed individual cancer patient and in relation to each tumour which occurs;
  • promote and facilitate the use of the data thus collected in approved research and in the planning and management of services;
  • publish an annual report based on the activities of the Registry;
  • furnish advice, information and assistance in relation to any aspect of such service to the Minister.

The National Cancer Registry regularly publishes reports on cancer incidence and survival and, more periodically, on prevalence and projections.  It publishes a regular series of short reports describing current trends in specific cancers and occasionally publishes very detailed reports on individual cancer sites. It has produced two cancer atlases, one for state of Ireland and the other, with the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry, for the entire island.  All reports, and detailed incidence and survival data, are available to download from the Registry website.

The National Cancer Registry participates in several international collaborations including EUROCARE, CONCORD, RARECARE and EUROCOURSE.  It also has a very active and diverse research programme which aims to maximise the potential of routinely-collected data for research and service planning. The three themes of the research programme are:  (1) descriptive epidemiology (e.g. cancer trends; variations in treatment receipt and outcomes); (2) health services research (e.g. economics of cancer; patterns, determinants and experiences of cancer treatment); and (3) aetiological research (e.g. cancer survivorship research; pharmacoepidemiology).  More information about the research programme and specific projects can be found on the Registry website.


Title Contact email Position Telephone
Dr Deirdre Murray Director +353 (21) 454 8801
Mr Mark O'Callaghan Data manager +353 (21) 454 8826