2005 Annual General Meeting & Conference

Wed. 28 Sept

Session 1 How registries can best contribute to improving cancer services

Chair: Dr Kevin Snee, Chair, Greater Manchester & Cheshire Cancer Network

09.45: How should we monitor cancer services – an international perspective 

Dr Renee Otter, North Netherlands Cancer Registry

10.05: Information requirements for commissioning and
evaluating cancer services

Professor Mark Baker, Medical Director, Yorkshire Cancer Network

10.30: The role of registries now and in the future 

Dr Roger Black, Head of Epidemiology & Statistics Group, Scottish Cancer Registry

10.50: Panel Discussion

Session 2 Cancer prevention

Chair: Professor David Forman, Chair, UKACR

11.40: Prevention of breast cancer 

Professor Anthony Howell, Professor of Medical Oncology, Christie Hospital NHS Trust

12.00: Prevention and early diagnosis in those with a family history of cancer 
Professor Gareth Evans, Professor of Medical Genetics, St Mary's Hospital

12.20: Update on population cancer screening programmes in the UK 

Mrs Julietta Patnick CBE, Director, NHS Cancer Screening Programmes

Session 3 Cancer services research and audit

Chair: Dr Liz White, Medical Director, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust

13.40: Keynote address: National clinical audit in lung cancer: a paradigm shift in data quality 

Professor Mick Peake, Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine, University Hospitals of Leicester

14.00: The role of a cancer registry in promoting change in cancer services 
Dr Anna Gavin, Director, Northern Ireland Cancer Registry

14:15: A population based study on patterns of care and survival for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in the Republic of Ireland: how do we compare with the USA? 

Dr Deirdre Cronin, Research & Data Analysis, National Cancer Registry of Ireland

14.30: 5 minute gap to allow for deviation from the schedule

14.35: Results from year 1 of the Breast Cancer Clinical Outcome Measures (BCCOM) project

Dr Catherine Lagord, Breast Cancer Audit Project Manager, West Midlands Cancer Intelligence Unit

14.50: Improving outcomes in breast cancer: audit of care in Central South Coast Cancer Network 
Dr Richard Hancock, Head of Audit, South West Cancer Intelligence Service

15.05: Radiotherapy waiting times in breast cancer patients 

Dr Elizabeth Davies, Senior Lecturer in Cancer Registration, Thames Cancer Registry

Session 4 Cancer registration and informatics

Chair: Dr Iain Buchan, Director & Senior Lecturer in Public Health Informatics, North West Institute for Bio-Health Informatics & Evidence for Population Health Unit, University of Manchester

15.50: Keynote address: modernising and monitoring: process, measures and cancer registries peer review
Mr Chris Carrigan, National Cancer Registry Co-ordinator, National Cancer Action Team

16.05: Keynote address: Update on pathology
Prof Phil Quirke, Professor of Pathology, University of Leeds

16.25: The LUCADA dataset – an assessment of data quality
Mrs Carol Lister, R Q & D Manager, Northern & Yorkshire Cancer Registry and Information Service

16.40: 5 minute gap to allow for
deviation from the schedule

16.45: Using cancer waiting times (CWT) data for cancer registration - lessons from practice
Mrs Jinan Ridha, Cancer Information Analyst, Oxford Cancer
Intelligence Unit

17.00: A novel informatics tool to analyse, display and monitor changes in patient journeys through cancer care
Dr Jan Fizzell, Specialist Registrar in Public Health, Eastern Cancer Registration & Intelligence Centre

17.15: Geographical inequalities in cancer incidence and mortality in the UK and Ireland
Dr Mike Quinn, Director, National Cancer Intelligence Centre

Thurs. 29 Sept


Chair: Mr Chris Carrigan, National Cancer Registry Co-ordinator, National Cancer Action Team

09.15: UKACR statistics and information manual
Dr Paul Silcocks, Medical Advisor, Trent Cancer Registry

09.30: Modelling access to oncology services in North East England
Dr Andy Jones, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia

09.45: Simulation modelling to validate the flow method for completeness of case ascertainment by cancer registries 

Mr David Robinson, Statistician,Thames Cancer Registry & Dr Paul Silcocks, Medical Advisor, Trent Cancer Registry

Session 5: Public Health

Chair: Professor John Ashton CBE, Regional Director of Public Health/Regional Medical Officer, NHS Executive North West

10.30: Keynote address: Progress in cancer control in Europe
Professor Peter Boyle, Director, IARC

10.50: The impact of mammographic screening and hormone replacement therapy on breast cancer incidence in England and Wales
Professor Henrik Moller, Director, Thames Cancer Registry and Cancer Screening Evaluation Unit (ICR)

11.05: Trends in the incidence of and survival from cutaneous malignant melanoma by stage in the Yorkshire region of England,

Dr Amy Downing, University of Leeds

11.20: Is cancer control improving in the elderly?
Dr Tony Moran, Director, North Western Cancer Registry

11.35: 5 minute gap to allow for deviation from the schedule

11.40: Trends in prostate cancer and its management in the South West Region, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
Ms Christine Harling, Head of Information, South West Cancer Intelligence Service

11.55: Comparison of survival analyses of breast and colorectal cancer using quintiles of deprivation derived at ward level and SOA-level in the Trent Strategic Health Authority (SHA) area
Catherine Thomson, Information & Statistics Manager, Trent Cancer Registry

12.10: 5 minute gap to allow for deviation from the schedule

12.15: A changing association between deprivation and colorectal cancer incidence

Session 6: Epidemiology

Chair: Dr Tony Moran, Director, North Western Cancer Registry

13.30: Keynote address: Nutrition and cancer risk 

Professor Tim Key, Deputy Director, Cancer Research UK Epidemiology Unit, University of Oxford

13.50: Dietary intake of folate and related B-vitamins, alcohol and tobacco use and risk of oesophageal adenocarcinoma: Results from the FINBAR All-Ireland case-control study
Linda Sharp, National Cancer Registry of Ireland

14.05: Cancer incidence in ethnic minority groups in south east England
Ms Ruth Jack, Information Analyst, Thames Cancer Registry

14.20: The risk of breast cancer in women who test negative for the family BRCA mutation
Robert Iddenden, Statistician, North Western Cancer Registry

14.35: 5 minute gap to allow for deviation from the schedule

14.40: Does cancer survival depend on season of diagnosis
and sunlight exposure?
Dr Hyun Sook Lim, Thames Cancer Registry

14.55: Radiotherapy for breast cancer and subsequent cardiovascular mortality
Mr Rahul Roychoudhuri, Thames Cancer Registry

15.10: Update on 2006 conference

15.20: Presentation of awards: Mike Quinn and Chris

Wednesday, September 28, 2005 to Thursday, September 29, 2005
The Midland Hotel
Peter Street
M60 2DS
United Kingdom